The Church: God’s New People

The Church: God’s New People

The vocation of the local church could scarcely be more exalted. Called out of the world to be a light in the world, to be a united family among the disunited families of earth, to be indwelled by Christ himself, to be the glory of the image of the Holy Trinity, to be an embodiment of the infinite love of the cross, to be a collective portrait more beautiful than any other in the world – that is the church, the local church, the new people of God.

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of The Church: God’s New People

In a few pages Tim Savage gives us a breathtaking look at God’s explosive intentions for the church.
Taking in the truths of this booklet will leave one never again thinking weakly about the church, but will motivate one to be fully engaged in its community and mission.

Ron Elwardt
Pastor, Adult and Family Ministries, Camelback Bible Church

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