Four Days

tim_savage_easterWhat happened over the course of four consecutive days in the early 30’s A.D. was far more important than the significance of everything which has happened in the 730,000 days since then.


Nowhere else in history have 96 hours carried such weight, or made such an impact. Those experiencing those four days were transformed so dramatically that their testimonies have altered the shape of human history.


If you were told that you had only four days to live, and were offered the opportunity to choose any four days of history, the decision would be obvious. You would jump at the opportunity to experience the final weekend of the life of Jesus.


Unfortunately, there is no Time Tunnel to convey us back to that climactic moment of history. But, not to far from where you’re sitting right now, there sits a close alternative.


The Bible – it is God’s way of carrying us back in time to pivotal moments of the past so we can relive them as though we were there ourselves.


The holiest of weeks is nearly upon us. It’s the perfect time for reliving those four monumental days. Now is the time to put lesser things down and commit ourselves to experiencing each of the four days with Jesus.


           Today, Maundy Thursday, read Matthew 26:17-29.


Sit down with Jesus and the disciples, and participate in the Last Supper, eating the bread and drinking the cup.


            On Good Friday, April 18, read Matthew 26:30 – 27:44.


Behold the final moments of Jesus, the turmoil of soul, the mock trial, the prolonged abuse, the rejection of friends and Father, the lingering death.


            On Saturday, April 19, read Matthew 27:45-66.


Ponder and pray through all Jesus endured for us, what it meant, and what it would have meant if the tomb had been the end of the journey.


            On Resurrection Sunday, read Matthew 28:1-20.


Pull out the stops in celebration of history’s greatest day, when the grave, for the first time ever, proved vulnerable, when Jesus exploded from its confines and brought in his arms a brand new way to be human – newness of life in the resurrected Christ!


Mark out the time right now to enter, through the lens of Scripture, each of the four days. Say no to extra hours in the office, sporting events with the kids, catching up on bills, the procrastination of nagging pains and weariness – and come alive to the days of God’s greatest glory!

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