Marriage Workshop in Cleveland

tim_savage_speaking engagementsI will have the blessing on Saturday, November 2, of speaking to as many as 200 couples at a marriage conference at Parkside Church near Cleveland, Ohio. The “Marriage Matters Workshop” will be at Parkside Church, near Cleveland, Ohio.

“Marriage is a puzzle. It entices with promises of comfort and disappoints with petty squabbles. For this reason, too few husbands and wives reach the higher slopes of marital fulfillment, which makes the under-performance of marriage one of the greatest social tragedies of our time. But it is a tragedy that can be reversed. In No Ordinary Marriage, we see how husbands and wives can unite in a relationship whose upward potential knows no limits, a partnership in which the glory of God can erupt in all its incandescent wonder. Two people can – quite literally – marry for the glory of God.”

– from No Ordinary Marriage

Please pray that we would all be open to see how the glory of God can lift our marriages to unprecedented heights through Jesus Christ, and that our hearts would be eager to receive all the Lord wants to do in them.

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