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Tim Savage Press Kit

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Short Biography

tim-pic-homepageI am a pastor, author, and conference speaker, and was senior pastor of Camelback Bible Church for twenty-eight years. I have written several books, the most recent being No Ordinary Marriage, about how marriages can — amazingly — become showcases of the glory of God. I earned a Ph.D. in the University of Cambridge, specializing in classical archaeology and the pauline epistles, and am a founding member of The Gospel Coalition.

Latest Book

nom-book-coverNo Ordinary Marriage

by Tim Savage

Marriage is a puzzle. It entices with promises of comfort and disappoints with petty squabbles. See More Here.


Previous Books

The Church: God’s New People

The vocation of the local church could scarcely be more exalted. Called out of the world to be a light in the world, to be a united family among the… Read More Here.

Power Through Weakness

I seek to understand the apostle Paul’s apparently contradictory description of the Christian life as one in which power is manifested in weakness… Read More Here.

Speaking Engagements

To see a full list of my upcoming and past speaking engagements, the dates and a short description of each, click here! This will be a great tool to see if I am right for you. If you feel like we are, I encourage you to contact me here! I hope to hear from you.

Potential Speaking Topics

No Ordinary Marriage

Too few husbands and wives reach the higher slopes of marital fulfillment, which makes the under-performance of marriage one of the greatest social tragedies of our time. But it is a tragedy that can be reversed.

Personal Story of Grace and Faith

After a few misadventures, the Lord Jesus Christ exacted a call on my life I couldn’t resist, drawing me firmly into his loving embrace and calling me to serve him with my whole life for the rest of my life.

Sample Interview Questions

  • What drove you to write “No Ordinary Marraige”?
  • Who are the sort of people that you imagine reading this book?
  • You suggest that the wedding day is just the base camp of your “climb” together. Can you expand on that?
  • What would you say is the key to marriage?
  • What are some of the most important things you would like our youth to know about marriage?
  • Can you explain “cruciform love,” and what that looks like in your life?
  • Why did you find it important to include a whole chapter on the role of the church in the life of marriage?
  • What is the role of “singles” in the life of the church and in the life of married couples?


“No Ordinary Marriage is an extraordinary book. What makes this work stand out in an overcrowded marketplace of “how to” books is its compelling vision of marriage to the glory of God. I know of few books on marriage that combine elegant writing, sound doctrine, clear illustrations, and practical advice in equal measure. This is a book on marriage made in heaven. No one, or couple, who reads this book will look at marriage in an ordinary way again.”

— Kevin J. Vanhoozer, Research Professor of Systematic Theology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

“No Ordinary Marriage explains how a marriage is intended to glorify God. Dr. Tim Savage writes not in a spirit of condemnation, but rather of encouragement as he paints a picture of what marriage is really meant to be. In reading this book, Sheryl—my wife of nearly 36 years—and I found ourselves challenged and inspired to rely on God as the core of our marriage. We pray that the Lord will inspire Tim to write his next book—How To Survive Hormonal Teenagers!”

—Alice Cooper, American Rock Singer, Member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

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