STINT Update

Greetings from Chicago, where this week I’ve been speaking at the annual STINT conference (Short Term Missions International sponsored by Cru, formerly Campus Crusade for Christ).

To stand up in a Marriott ballroom packed with over 500 college graduates passionate for Christ, having committed the next year of their lives to evangelistic outreach in countries around the world, and speak to them about the gospel of the Lord, has been a blessing I can hardly put into words.

It has also caused me to reflect on the fact that over sixty years ago my dad met every Saturday morning in the living room of his best friend to pray together for the friend’s vision to reach university students in America for Christ, at the time an unreached group, a friend whose name was Bill Bright, later to become the founder and president of Campus Crusade for Christ, and now personally to see those prayers answered . . . has touched my heart deeply. I found myself on the first night, when the students lifted the roof with songs of praises, asking God to pull back the veil of heaven and allow the two Bills to look down on answers to their prayers.

I have the three plenary talks (one left tomorrow), using sermons from the series on Acts at Camelback, which have dovetailed perfectly with the thrust of the conference. I have also done two seminars on Power through Weakness and one on marriage.

Thanks so much for your prayers.

In Christ,


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