The Importance of the Resurrection

tim_savage_christian lifeWhy is the resurrection of Christ so important?

Have you ever asked that question? Why is the resurrection the key to human history? 

Do you know the answer?

Is it because the resurrection validates Jesus everything he taught and did? 

Yeah, but there’s more . . .

Is it because the resurrection overcame the powers of sin and death, conquering our twin nemeses once and for all? 

Yeah, but there’s more . . .

Is it because the resurrection means that Jesus is alive today ministering to us becoming our advocate before the heavenly Father? 

Yeah, but there’s more . . . much more . . .

Are you ready?

It can be summed up in one word: LIFE!


The resurrection is important because it re-introduces life into the human equation; life in its fullness, as God intended life to be.

When Jesus burst the shackles of death and walked back into our world a risen man, he bore in his arms a new way to live. And nowhere in the Bible is this newness of life depicted more magnificently than in Psalm 16. Look at Acts Chapter 2, and watch as Peter, quoting Psalm 16, progressively unfolds a life more beautiful than you ever thought possible, starting in verse 25:

‘The Lord is always before me.’

He’s out in front, leading me.

‘The Lord is always at my right hand, I will not be shaken.’

He’s beside me, steadying me. Do you see how sovereignly the Lord guides me, and keeps me? That means nothing can shake me.

True disappointment may enter my life, broken relationships, poor health, failed projects, diminished income . . . but they don’t shake me because the Lord is guiding me and keeping me. Disappointment, yes. Despair, no.

‘Therefore my heart is glad’

Not, ‘my heart is anxious.’

‘My tongue rejoices’

Not, ‘my tongue complains.’

‘My flesh dwells in hope’

Not, ‘dwells in discouragement.’

Though the body dies, my soul will never be abandoned to Hades, will never see corruption; my soul will rise up and receive a new body eternal in the heavens.

Are you getting a picture of this?

What a life!

The Lord always before me, sovereignly and lovingly guiding me – not away from disappointments, but (so much better!) keeping me through the disappointments, so that I’m never shaken, never anxious, never complaining, never discouraged . . . and so it will be, forever, all the way through eternity.

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